Mini Sessions vs Full Sessions

I can't speak for other photographers but this is how a mini session compares to my regular sessions.

Mini sessions are fifteen-twenty minutes long-short and sweet. They are most often themed such as having holiday decorations, but don't always have to be. Multiple sessions are available back to back-allowing for many clients to participate. These sessions come with fewer images, but are a great way to update just a few photos or to use for holiday cards.

Regular sessions range from thirty to ninety minutes-allowing for multiple locations/clothing changes and more time to explore and connect! For family sessions, they tend to be more playful and involve a lot more candid pictures as well as formally posed shots. Full sessions also allow for children to really become comfortable with me and I can really capture their personalities!

Both types of sessions include styling assistance, a combination of posed and playful photos (though mini sessions are usually more posed), private online galleries and YOU choosing which photos you get, not just me selecting xx amount of photos for you. You will have plenty of images above what's included with your package to chose from!

Why aren't mini sessions priced way less? Mini sessions, though they sound like they may be easier, actually are sometimes more work for the photographer! Purchasing props, having back to back sessions for several hours at a time, and hours of editing time to return several galleries in a timely manner make These more like photo marathons!

Ultimately, the choice is your as to what kind of story you want to tell with your photos! If you are wanting fun themed pictures, a mini session is the way to go. If you want a more intimate and personalized story-choose a full session!

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